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Heralds of Chaos

Legend tells that the dragons of Ryuutachi gifted humans with the power of elemental magic long ago. Those born attuned to one of the seven elements were revered, but their arrogance led to ruin and suffering, unbalancing the natural order. Now they are feared and despised, forced to hide their gifts or be persecuted for the sins of their forebears.

Hanamei’s future as a concubine seems inescapable when she is bartered as a peace offering to a cruel warlord. That is until the charismatic Akihato intervenes on her behalf. Can she trust him or does he have ulterior motives? When he learns her dark secret will he turn against her?

“Beautifully done dark fantasy, the cover is what drew me in and I’m glad I read this. The characters were great and I enjoyed the fantasy element in the storyline.”
– Kat M on Goodreads

“I am gonna be completely honest and say that I mostly requested this due to the gorgeous cover, which I am pleased to say, matched the beautiful writing style. This novel is fast paced, and perfect for anyone trying to get out of a reading slump.”
– Danai K on Goodreads

“This book really came across as her putting her heart and soul into it.”
– Kelly on Goodreads