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Queen’s Justice

Not every princess is a damsel in distress.

The Sarven kingdom of Dwenenar has fallen, besieged by a hoard of creatures from nightmare. The King’s daughter, Jorna Hailstone, leads the survivors to the neighboring kingdom of Hamdralg for refuge. Hearts heavy with grief, especially over the loss of their beloved King, Guldorn Oathbinder, the refugees turn to his children for comfort and leadership.

When it comes to light that the precious book of enchantments was left behind in their frantic evacuation, Jorna becomes the only one with the knowledge to recover the artifact. She is offered the choice of Hamdralg’s finest warriors, but her grieving heart guides her to select the stoic blacksmith, Thane Stoutforge, as her only companion.

Soon, their attention shifts from reclaiming the book to each other. Will their budding attractions hinder their dire quest? Can they survive the unforgiving slopes of the Beldrath mountain range? Or will they succumb to love and ruin?

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