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Introduction: A Wild Blog Appears! Roll For Initiative.

I’ve never been good at introducing myself or telling people what I’m about. My brain always freezes up and all I can think of are cheesy jokes or nerdy references. Thus was born the headline for my very first post. [Insert Jazz Hands] Inappropriate thoughts like to butt in, too. Such as, “just picture the audience in their underwear!” followed by a mental image of Henry Cavill in booty shorts. Yeah, I know you’re drooling, too. Who wouldn’t?!

Okay, down to business. I’m Lucille, though I also go by Lucy as well. I spend most of my time writing, playing video games, watching Netflix/Anime, listening to music, playing D&D every Friday, reading books, and working a day job (in a dental office). Books have been a long time passion of mine. I love getting lost in a new adventure and getting to meet new characters. Basically, I like to escape from real life for no other reason than I’ve been doing it since I can remember. My childhood wasn’t the greatest and I used my all time favorite fandom, Star Wars, as a coping mechanism. I read voraciously and from that was born the desire to tell my own stories to share with the world. If I can offer a safe haven in the form of a good book to even one struggling soul, then I will have fulfilled my purpose.

That’s what you can expect from this blog; humor, healing, and escape. I will occasionally discuss mental health, news regarding my books, reviews of other books I’ve read and enjoyed, writing tips, and topics for deeper thought. Hopefully you can find something to entertain you, move you, or inspire you. If not, then why are you reading this? Are you that bored while pooping? Oh wow, I just realized that at some point someone will read my books while on the toilet… I have no idea how to feel about that.

Now we have to escape from that traumatizing thought…

Samwise (a.k.a. Ham) & Bean

Look! Puppers! → → →

Another thing I may share in posts, perhaps mention at random, will be my two boys; Samwise (right) (a.k.a. Ham) and Bean (left). They are both Australian Shepherds, though Bean is a miniature. Sam is the oldest and is the first to comfort me when I’m sad or upset. Bean is about a year old now and he demands to sit on my husband’s lap so that I can pet him. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I’m pretty sure he has a single brain cell that bounces around his head like an old timey screensaver. Good thing he’s freaking adorable, right?

Sam’s favorite things are food, balls, and (failing at) herding cats. Bean’s favorite things are his brother’s hairballs, all toys (all the time), and empty water bottles.

I sometimes sing little songs about them (mostly Sam). One of my favorites being “He’s just a poor Bean, from a Bean family, spare him his life from this HAMstrosity!” Mwahaha, yes, cringe, you love it!

What can you expect from this blog besides soul-crushing puns?

Frequency of Updates: My goal is going to be one non-book release related blog post per month. I want to focus mainly on writing books and not allow the blog to become a distraction. That said, I also wanted a platform to share more of myself and lend context to the mind behind the stories I tell. So, this is my “happy medium” solution – one post per month.

Mission Statement: To empower others, especially women and to raise mental health awareness, especially as it pertains to achieving success. I have struggled with my mental health, my self-worth, and my confidence all my life. I know so many other women, who are beautiful, mighty goddesses, who have shared in the same or similar hardships. I want them and you to know that you’re worthy, you’re capable, and you’re deserving.

Special Notes: I will always provide trigger warnings when discussing trauma or dealing with weighty or controversial subjects, but I will never shy away from the hard topics because they’re hard. I want to face it all head on, without fear, and learn, empower, and grow through the pain. That said, if you’re not ready or prepared for that, then I will let you know ahead of time so you don’t have any ugly surprises. ♥

TTFN: Ta-Ta For Now, Lovelies

Okay, so that’s me in a nutshell. Or was it a nuthouse?

I wish you all the best start to 2023 and look forward to writing to you again soon! Do you have furry, scaly, or feathery babies of your own? Share pics in the comments so I can enjoy their cuteness!

Ham&Bean, Introduction

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