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Random Thoughts

  • New Release: Embers of the Past
    I’m thrilled to announce that Embers of the Past is finally live as of February 23, 2023 on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats! To celebrate, I’ve set up a Goodreads Giveaway with the help of my marketing team (AME) where I will be giving away 100 kindle copies of Embers of the Past! […]
  • Book Review: The Elven Lord’s Concubine by Leona Sure
    She was born to be his. He never wanted her. Sold to a powerful immortal, Cera has accepted that her fate will be to share his bed and bear his heirs. High Lord Isael Eshval is as cold as he is beautiful, but he does promise Cera her freedom, if she serves him. A twist […]
  • Update for Heralds of Chaos
    Last year in May, I released Heralds of Chaos and quickly realized I had made a couple blunders. Originally, I had tried to make it a collection of three introductory novellas, but advanced readers didn’t seem too keen on the set up. This was my fault as I did not provide a good foundation or […]
  • Book Review: Mark of the Vasirian by Stephanie Denne
    What if there was truth to the vampire myth? And what if your fate was bound to that truth? Desperate to escape her abusive stepbrother, Blaire accepts a scholarship to the exclusive private university Blackthorn Academy. Surrounded by Vasirian—the root of vampire myth—Blaire fears she has traded one cage for another. She is marked as […]
  • Book Review: Walls of Woodmyst by Robert E Kreig
    A body is discovered.Mutilated beyond recognition, perched upon a hill overlook the village.Questions are raised.Prayers are offered.Fears grow as rumors are spread behind the Walls of Woodmyst.They come at night.Lurking in the forest nearby, the strangers watch and wait.Who are these fiends?What do they want from the peaceful village?Terror builds in the hearts of men […]

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